Nail Enhancements

Everybody's nails are different, this is why we offer three systems, so that we can find the best products to suit your nails. Before any treatment you many have a free consultation to enable us to tailor your nails to suit you and your lifestyle. All nail systems include coloured or french polish if desired, length and shape will be to your choice. Nail art and gems are available at a little extra cost.

Acrylic and Gel

These offer superior adhesion, maximum flexibility, excellent wear and durability. No drills are used so this is a very safe, kind and effective way to grow and maintain your nails. Smooth's uneven nails and prevents splitting and breaking, leaving them looking natural, thin and shiny. Comes in clear, colour or french.

Full Set Natural - £35.00
Full Set Inset French - £33.00
Infills - £20.00
Backfill French - £29.00
Overlays on natural nail - £28.00
Overlays on natural nail French - £30.00
Single Nails - £4.00
Nail Repair - £2.00
Gel Shine Gloss - £5.00


The Fibreglass system is ideal for use on natural nails which may be weak or brittle. These are the most natural nail systems available as they are light, slim but very strong, leaving your hand looking sleek and elegant.

Full Set Natural - £38.00
Full Set Inset French - £39.00
Resin Fill - £17.00
Fabric Fills - £26.00
Overlays - £28.00
Single Nails - £4.00
Nail Repair - £2.00
  Shellac Nails
                Colour / French - £25             
    Minx Nails 
     £25 fingers or fingers and toes £40
 Rock Star Nails
This is a mixture of Shellac  with any colour glitter mix £25  fingers and toes £40  

Toe Nail Rebuilding/Repairs

Good pre-pedicure to replace lost or damaged toe nails.
Each - £5.00
Infill Each - £3.00

Salon Removal of All Nail Enhancements

Pre-application all nail systems done within this salon - Free
Pre-application nail systems from other salon - £5
Permanent removal £10
Permanent removal with file and polish £16
Removal with Manicure £25

Hand & Nail Care

Manicure French / Colour - £18.00
Manicure without polish - £14.00
File and Re-varnish French / Colour- £11.00
File with no polish - £7.00
Re-varnish French / Colour - £8.00
Natural Nail Repair - £2.00
Nail Art per nail - 50p
Gems each - 30p
Foot Care

Pedicure including foot spa, removal of rough skin, cuticles, relaxing massage, shape and polish - £23.00
Pedicure with no polish - £18
File and Re-varnish French/Colour - £11.00
Re-varnish French / Colour- £8.00

We recommend that you bring open toe sandals to avoid smudging

Shellac toes £25
Minx Toes £2 
Rock Star Toes £25 

Combine any of these with
pedicure extra £10

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